Welcome to 2nd Bergvliet

There are two units within 2nd Bergvliet. Namely the Cubs and the Scout branches. Each is designed for different age groups and as such allow for a long term growth on the part of the child.

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At 2nd Bergvliet we pride ourselves on running the most entertaining and exciting programme in scouting. As one of the biggest troops in the country, we are committed to a proud Sea Scout tradition and an adventurous and fun programme, which gives all our members an amazing Scouting experience, instills pride in the Troop, builds discipline and fulfils the methods and aims of the Scouting Movement.

The Troop is run by a number of talented young adults all of whom are experienced ex-scouts, with proficiency in life saving, first aid, pioneering, hiking, sailing and so much more.

If you want to learn how to survive in the wild, cook beautiful meals, build giant bridges, sail, hike, lead a team or just want to have some epic fun in the great outdoors, then join us on our adventures. We meet every Friday during the term from 19:15-21:45 at the Alphen Clinic on Constantia Main Road not to mention the countless other activities dotted throughout the calendar to keep you busy all year round.



The 2nd Bergvliet Cub Pack is a group of enthusiastic 7-10 year old boys and girls, with a dedicated team of adult leaders.We meet on Friday evenings during government school terms from 5-6:30pm. In cubs we learn skills by doing, and by playing games. We learn many different kinds of knots, how to make fires, cooking skills, how to keep ourselves and others safe, how to use compass directions and woodcraft signs, and how to care for nature. Community service is an important aspect of cubs, and we regularly hold outreaches to charity organisations, old age homes and underprivileged children.

Learning to work as part of a team and developing leadership skills forms the basis of our pack, which is divided into 5 groups called ‘sixes’. As your cub matures in the pack he or she will get a chance to lead. Sixers and seconders also have termly events organised just for them where they are mentored in their leadership roles.

Integrating boys and girls from different ages teaches the cubs to work with a diverse group of children. There is opportunity to link with other cubs in the district, at events such as hikes, competitions, and special events. We go on camp once or twice per year. Campfires are always something to look forward to, wearing our campfire blankets, singing songs and doing skits.

Cubs love earning badges, and there is a very real sense of achievement and learning skills that comes with this process. No cub meeting is ever the same, making it the most diverse and exciting extra-mural, along with the development of life-long skills and character building opportunities.

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