Alumni Information

The value and benefits of keeping up with old 2nd Bergvliet Scouts cannot be overstated. So much time is spent at scouts while growing up and then suddenly people leave and are hardly heard from again. In an effort to rectify this and catch up on some lost time we have started the 2nd Bergvliet Alumni Network Initiative. The sole purpose of this is to bring our old scouts back into the fold so that we find out what you have been up to, and on the other side of the coin it allows you to see how the Group is doing since you left.

What follows are a couple of ways that will allow you to keep track of the events and other such little tidbits that will be available to you.

The scouting calendar is indeed a busy one, and the group one is no different. There are so many opportunities to get out there for a little bit of scouting that you really have no excuses to see what’s up. By clicking the calendar tab on the menu you will be taken to the 2nd Bergvliet calendar for a full overview of events. There is even a special calendar used solely for Alumni Events that we definitely encourage you to keep an eye. Should you want to get more information on an event you can contact us.

2nd Bergvliet Delta
The 2nd Bergvliet Delta is a quarterly publication that is full of articles written by cubs, scouts, and the adult leaders. It covers all the events of that quarter and comes straight from the perspective of those involved. It is traditionally an amazing read and you will be astounded at the sort of things the group gets up to. Should you want to peruse these magazines you can click on the Delta Magazine tab in the menu and you will find a catalogued history of past editions for your convenience.

Alumni Database
It is our intention to build up a database of old 2nd Bergvliet Scouts so that we can keep in touch with what is going on. It also allows us to catch up and see what exciting things have been happening in your life. We would be incredibly grateful if you would not only complete this form, but also pass the link along to all your friends that you were in 2nd Bergvliet with so we can make sure that no one misses out. To complete the form please click on the button below.