Badge Course Applications

Where to Go

The first order of business is to have logged into your Scouts.Digital account and ensure that all your details are correct. From there, you need to go to the menu column on the left hand side of the page and select Training.

From this menu you will then have the following two options:

Book Training: Click here to book yourself on one of the training courses.

My Future Training: Click here to view the upcoming courses that you have booked yourself on. It is advised that you check this periodically to always be aware of what is coming up for you.

Selecting Your Course

Once you click on Book Training you will then be taken to a page that has all the courses listed (Please do bear in mind that it lists both Western Cape and Gauteng, ensure you select Western Cape else you are in for a drive).

You simply need to scroll down to the course that you are looking to attend and click Book Now. The course details are listed in the application so please do take note.

As mentioned, the details of the course are listed on the front page so you can easily see what it is you will need:

Actions: Click Book Now to apply for the course
Region: Region that the course is to be held in
Course Name: Please ensure that you book yourself on the correct course
Dates: Make sure that you are available on the given dates
Last Booking Date: This is the Application Closing Date. Make sure you book in time
Location: Where the course is to be held
Cost: Amount to be paid for you to attend

Application Information

When placing your application you are going to have to submit your personal information into the relevant fields, as shown below:

You will likely only need to enter this once however as the system will save it for all future applications. The information here is incredibly important and will be used by the course directors when deciding on your application. Please take special note when filling in Previous Courses Attended, Medical and Dietary requirements, as well as your medical aid details and emergency contact.

Once you have then submitted your application you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions for lack of a better phrase. Please ensure that you have met all the requirements, else your future applications may be affected.

Your Future Training

Once you have applied for the course you will be able to click on My Future Training to see further details.

When you apply you will receive an email from Scouts.Digital with your invoice. It will give you information about the course, the main points being the cost and the due payment date. Please ensure that you adhere to this deadline as failure to do so will result in you losing your place. To secure your place you need to make payment and then upload proof to the application. To do this, you can click on the Actions button on the left. It will give you two options:

Upload POP: Will allow you to upload your proof of payment

Cancel Booking: Allows you to withdraw your application from the course

Please contact us if you are having trouble with these steps so that we can assist.