Badge Courses

Below you can find a list of available badge courses offered on a provincial level. It is very important to have your profile updated so that you have a better chance of being selected. Should you wish to see the requirements for each badge you will be able to view it on the Resources page.

To apply for one of the badge courses below please click here.

Course: Mapping
One of the most vital scouting and life skills, the Mapping Badge Course is perhaps one of the most important badge courses. It teaches the ins and outs of land navigation, a skill that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

Course: Lifesaver
One of the more relaxed and fun badge courses, the Lifesaver Course takes place at the Sea Scout Base and teaches scouts how to act in emergency situations, a skill that could potentially save lives one day.

Course: Helmsman
An exciting Sea Scout course held at the Sea Scout Base, where scouts are taught how to sail a Saldanha! Highly suggested for those interested in Sailing and who would like to improve their knowledge.

Course: Pioneer
Another important Land Scout course, Pioneers gives you the opportunity to improve your knotting and building skills by constructing massive pioneering projects! Once you go on this course, you will never have an issue with the 6 basic knots ever again.

Course: Boatman
Another fun Sea Scout course in which you will spend time on the water at the Sea Scout Base in a pulling (rowing) boat. Excellent for those who enjoy water activities and meeting new people. It counts towards the Boson’s Cord too!

Course: First Aid
One of the most important badge courses, the First Aid badge course teaches you how to potentially save someone’s life in the event of an accident. This badge teaches advanced first aid techniques and theory, which will qualify you as a Level 3 First Aider. The badge is a requirement for all Explorers and Cords/Thongs. Suggested for ALL scouts above 14.

Course: Hike Leaders
Another classic Land Scout course, Hike Leaders is a hands-on course that teaches scouts the do’s and don’ts of hiking, with the added bonus of giving you the chance to experience the great outdoors. Suggested for those seeking to improve hiking skills and enjoying nature. Also, it counts towards your Bushman’s Thong or Land Explorer.

Course: Watermanship
The junior version of Boatman, this is a requirement for those wishing to go on Boatman. Suggested for those younger scouts looking to become involved in Sea Scout courses.

Course: Cook’s Badge
Another Land Scout course, Cook’s is a fun and enjoyable course where you will learn how to prepare, cook and present top-class 3 course meals (you get to eat them too). Suggested for those that enjoy cooking.

Course: Air Traffic Controller
An exciting Air Scout course where you will learn all about air planes and their movements. Suggested for those with an interest in aviation and those going for their Airman’s Cord and/or Air Explorer.

Course: Boatswain
A Sea Scout course that teaches scouts how to maintain, repair and generally take care of a sailing or rowing boat. Suggested for scouts interested in sailing.

Course: Air Planner Scoutcraft
A requirement for the Air Navigator Interest Badge, this course teaches you the basics of air navigation.

Course: Air Navigator
This Air Scout course teaches you all about aeronautical navigation and the skills needed to fly a plane. Suggested for those interested in aviation and getting their Airman’s Cord or Air Explorer.

Course: First Aid Scoutcraft
A requirement for the Interest Badge course, First Aid Scoutcraft teaches the basics of first aid, a MUST for any young scout. Suggested for ALL scouts.

Course: Canoeist
An awesome Sea Scout Course, the Canoeist Badge course will take you on an adventure down a beautifully scenic river in a canoe or kayak. Plenty of excitement with rapids, sand banks and hidden spots to relax, as well as teaching you the ins and outs of canoeing.

Course: Backwoodsman
A classic and tough land scout course, Backwoodsman is all about surviving in the elements. Getting this badge truly makes you a survivor. Suggested for those trying for the Bushman’s Thong and/or their Land Explorer.

Course: Sailing
Perfect for those younger scouts who are interested in going to more Sea Scout courses and who enjoy water activities, this course teaches the basics of sailing and is a requirement for the Helmsman Badge course.