In order to book one of the 2nd Bergvliet boats you will need to complete the Boatswain Form (see advisory on Using the Boats) and follow the instructions below.

For any and all questions regarding the use of the 2nd Bergvliet boats then please contact the Group Boatswain on:

This process needs to be initiated at least two weeks before the date of use so as to ensure that the Boatswain has the time to get the necessary equipment ship shape as it were.

– Download the form, either from the Advisory or Resources section
– Complete it in full
– Submit the form to the Group Boatswain at:
– Meet up with Boatswain to sign out equipment
– Sign equipment back in with Boatswain or proxy and ensure all in good condition

Please see below for further details:

Boat Availability
In order to ensure that you have access to the boats you can check the 2nd Bergvliet Calendar under Boatswain to ensure that the boats are available or not.

Watercharge Holder
For those of you not sure, in order to hold a water based activity you will need to have a Watercharge Holder present. In order to complete the form you will need to advise who your Watercharge Holder is. Please ensure that you have organized this beforehand. No charge holder = no event.

Permit Number
You will also need to ensure that your permit details are on the form. As much as possible please ensure that your permit is filed in due time. Failure to do so will result in your event being cancelled.