2nd Bergvliet expects its cubs to wear their uniform proudly and in the correct manner.

Below you will find the full explanation of what we expect the cubs to be wearing.

All of the items below can be found at the Scout Shop at the Western Cape HQ, you can click on the relevant item to be taken to the online shop for a picture and to check availability.

Standard Uniform
Navy Shirt
Navy Shorts
Scout Belt
Long Black Socks
Cub Cap

In addition to the above you will be presented with your 2nd Bergvliet Scarf upon your investiture. Footwear can be black/brown school shoes, hiking boots, or dark takkies.

Casual Uniform
This would involve you wearing your 2nd Bergvliet Scarf along with a Purple Scout Tshirt.

For a full catalogue of all clothing and accessories please go to the Online Shop and have a browse. Let us know if you are unsure of what can be worn or not.

Badges and Where They Go
When you are invested into the troop, whether you are coming up from Cubs or joining anew there are a number of badges that you will need to have on your uniform. These will be given to you so you need not fret. Below is an explanation of where they should go as well as a link to the Uniform Policy showing all the diagrams for where the badges go.

– Right Pocket: Western Cape badge
– Left Pocket: World Scout Badge
– Left Arm Sleeve: Advancement Badges
– Right Arm Sleeve: District Badge & Group Designation

For further information please see the Cub Badge Charts.