Facilities Information

We in the Western Cape are incredibly lucky in that we have numerous facilities to keep us occupied and support our programmes. Below is a list of facilities that we use, along with their GPS coordinates, access, and a brief description.

JML Rotary Scout
GPS: -34.192641, 18.434282
Access: Vehicle/Foot

JML Rotary Scout is a 39’ cruising yacht owned by SCOUTS South Africa. Used for an extensive sailing programme throughout the year that includes sailing training of scouts, development programmes for under-privileged children and ocean racing.

Sea Scout Base
GPS: -34.088225, 18.465960
Access: Vehicle/Foot

Beautifully located facility on Sandvlei lagoon. Camping & indoor accommodation, hall, kitchen, ablutions, electricity and water, sailing and water sports.

Appleton Campsite
GPS: -33.920742, 18.398516
Access: Vehicle/Foot

A campsite in magnificent location on top of Signal Hill overlooking Cape Town and the Atlantic coast. A small camp ground, a bunk house with 15 beds, kitchen with stove and fridge, ablutions and electricity.

Scout Hut
GPS: -33.973237, 18.399293
Access: Foot

Unique mountain-top accommodation for 18 Scouts, overnighting in an historic stone hut on top of Table Mountain.

GPS: -33.676902, 19.057940
Access: Vehicle/Foot

Located in the mountains above Wellington lies this awesome scout property. You will get to know it very well. That I can promise you.