Filing a Permit

The permit system is one that you will use throughout your time in the movement. It is imperative that these are accurate. Not only so they sync up with your planning, but also in the case of emergency. Should you get lost and are not able to communicate with civilization, that permit is what we will use to base our search. As such, if it is not accurate then your chances of being found are minimal and based on luck at best. To enforce the proper practice with permits I would like you to take note of the information below to assist you in your task. Each of the sections below is based on the permit application form.

Who is Applying?
This information is pulled automatically based on the MY DETAILS section on the left-hand side. Make sure that these are as up to date as possible. You will also be asked to specify your familiarity with the activity or route.

What does the Permit Relate to?
The most important part here would be the type of activity that you are planning. Please ensure that the correct one is used. There are many to choose from so please ensure that you read them all carefully before you select it. If you get this wrong then you will need to redo it. The options to choose from are self explanatory so please do take care to choose the right one.

Details of Expert
Information pertaining to the individual who will lead your activity if you or the scouter in charge are not able to do so. For example, should you be going rock climbing you would put the instructor’s name and details here given that they have special qualifications. If you are using an expert then please ensure that you pay special attention to the highlighted fields in the image below. Failure to do so could result in the permit being declined.

Details of Activity
Most important part here is the date(s). Ensure that you have selected the correct ones else you run the risk of having your activity on the wrong days which would technically make it a non-permitted event. If you file the incorrect dates you will need to resubmit the permit.

The second part of this is a description of the activity/event. You have a character limit here that will cut off information without you realizing it. If it is over multiple days try and break it down day by day. Either way however, ensure that you are concise but informative. This is the main information that the search party will use, don’t make their lives difficult.

What follows this is additional information requests about the event. Try and be as accurate as possible, especially with the driver’s names and such. With regards to the numbers of senior, junior, and adults – try and be as close to the number as possible based on the time of writing.

The image below shows an example of what the permit section should look like (Please do not copy what is written there for your permit). You need to be as detailed as possible else it could cause problems down the line for you.

Emergency Contact
This cannot be a parent or someone that is on the activity. As a default you would use me (James Stewart) unless stated otherwise.

Additionally, you will need to add the name and address of the nearest doctor. As well as how to get there. Make sure that you have done some research on the local transport options just to be aware of what you have to work with. It is advisable to use a local hospital/mediclinic as doctors are very rarely open on a weekend. If you do happen to have a doctor then you will need to ensure that they are open on weekends. If they are not you will need to redo the permit.

Charge Holder Information
Who is the charge holder for your event. This covers a number of areas as you will need to have a Watercharge Holder for water based activities, Aircharge Holder for air activities, and a Safety Officer for a construction project. If you are unclear here let me know and we can discuss.