2019 Troop Camp by Gabriella W

Day 1
Start of Troop Camp First Day Hawequas. Arrived at 12:00. Hot and Windy. Some people were late, so we did parade at 13:50. After that we sat in a circle and listened to Laura’s Scouts Own. Imogen and Sophia assisted Laura with her Scouts Own. We ate while listening to them. We then started setting up our tent and placing the rest of our stuff, filled up our water drums with drinking and cooking water. Our first activity was making 2 shields and a flag. On one shield we had to decorate it for the troop, and the flag and the other shield we had to decorate it for our patrol. We had to decorate it medieval. After that we changed into our swimming costumes, so that we could swim later. Next, we did an activity where we had to be on our hands and feet with our backs facing the ground, called Crab. The object of the activity was to knock people over so that their bums would touch the ground. It was tiring but lots of fun. Then we were split so that two patrols could go to Tug-of-War and the others to play Crab Soccer. After having a brief break, we headed up to the dam where we had to bob for an apple out of water and Sparkles out of flour, while your patrol held you and moved you around. We swam in the dam after that for about an hour. We walked back to our tents to change into something because it was becoming chilly. We then had Macaroni and Cheese for dinner and custard and Swiss Roll for dessert. We put our mess kits away and went and listened to Michael’s Mutual Respect talk. We played “capture the stave” when it was dark and had hot chocolate. We also bought stuff from the tuckshop. Afterwards we star gazed and saw a few shooting stars. Then we went to bed.

Day 2
Woke up early to have breakfast. It is still as windy as yesterday. For breakfast we had an option of cereal or French Toast. It was tasty. We had a short parade afterwards to start the day off. We did some camp development. The scouters came and did inspection on litter, tent, washing up stand and bin. We then split up with Penguins and Kingfishers doing Connor’s Springbok construction project, and Cormorants and Kestrels doing fun bases. We did that the whole morning right through to the afternoon. We fried in the hot sun. By afternoon the wind had died down. We had about an hour of free time and then we were given food to cook for supper. We had chicken potjiekos with rice. Supper was delicious. We chilled for a bit and then went for a quick swim in the dam. A scorpion fell into the water. We had tea and hot chocolate and afterwards we went to bed.

Day 3
We woke up with everyone shouting and chasing the baboons. We had French toast and cereal for breakfast again. After breakfast we listened to Laura’s Gender Stereotyping talk. We learnt a lot from it. We then split into Cormorants and Kestrels doing Laura’s Springbok construction project, and Penguins and Kingfishers doing bases. The bases were mapping, shooting, mapping again and Wii bowling. After that we had to follow a bearing to get to bum-slide rock. We spent an hour there and it was lots of fun. We had free time for a couple of hours. Then Penguins started Connor’s Springbok meal and Kingfishers started Michael’s Springbok meal. Afterwards we sat and watched “A Knight’s Tale” It was cringy but really good. We went to bed.

Day 4
We got an extra hour of sleep. We had scrambled eggs and French toast with fruit. After breakfast we listened to Connor’s Mutual Respect talk. We had inspection on border, gateway, tent, bins, washing up basins, flagpole and hygiene. We went into town to do a whole bunch of activities. We walked around town following a map. We did 3 bases and a whole bunch of STA’s. We took lots of photos and videos for the activities. We got back and went for a swim. We then packed for survival night and went on a short, steep hike. It was very tiring. We got to our destination. We were all super-hot and tired because the sun was baking hot. We stayed up and took a couple of photos of the setting sun. It was magnificent. Sleeping on rocks was very uncomfortable but other than that the night was lovely, right temperature.

Day 5
We woke up early but not too early. The walk down was so steep that we hit flat ground most of our legs were shaking. We went and put our bags in our tent and rushed to breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal and muffins. We dismantled our constructions in our campsite. We did a mini Rayner/Upton. Where we ran to a whole bunch of bases. We then Chilled some more and had lunch. We had loads of free time and then we had a huge banquet. We then finished the day off with a huge campfire.

Day 6
The last day. We packed up and then sat around for a while. We had closing ceremony. As soon as we finished closing ceremony Michael had his Springbok construction. We waited for our lifts.

Cooking Contest

At the end of last term we hosted the annual 2nd Bergvliet Cooking Contest.

As usual the standards were high and the judges had a lot less of the usual terror on their faces when called to go and judge the food.

A huge congratulations to Kingfishers for taking the overall win!

Snake Show!

On the 2nd November the scouts and scouters of 2nd Bergvliet were treated to an awesome snake show by the Imhoff Snake Park staff.

We were shown a number of snakes (venomous and non) as well as a series of other reptiles. This was definitely a useful lesson for the scouts as they are the ones most likely to come across these animals while on one of their hikes. I can only hope that they are now far more aware of what they need to look out for now.

As usual, there are some pretty awesome pictures so I encourage you to have a look to see what your scouts experienced 🙂