In order to ensure that all of 2nd Bergvliets equipment is maintained and usable we will be adhering to the Quartermaster Policy as laid out below. Please read through the full page to see whats what before you send through any requests that will end up being denied.

For instructions on how to withdraw equipment please see the advisory on Withdrawing Store Equipment. For all other Quartermaster based queries please see the information below. To contact the Quartermaster please send an email to: 2ndbergvlietqm@gmail.com

Withdrawal Information

In order to withdraw equipment from the store you will need to be familiar with the following rules and regulations.

Withdrawal Times
In order to withdraw equipment from the store room you will need to do it before or after a regular Friday night Troop Meeting. The only exception to this will be during the school holidays. In this case you will need to liaise with the QM to find a suitable time to meet them (or another scouter) at the hall. It is important that you take note of this section specifically as failure to do so will likely end with you not getting the equipment that you need.

Withdrawal Warning
To withdraw equipment from the store you will have needed to submit the Quartermaster form a minimum of one week before the meeting you intend to withdraw the equipment at. This is to ensure that the QM has sufficient time to ensure that the equipment you are requesting is available and ready.

Equipment Specifics

Patrol Trommel
This is signed out as a whole and will not be itemized on the withdrawal form. The onus is on the user to ensure that all their patrol equipment is brought back safe and sound. The relevant patrol leader will have access to the records of who used what and when. Should there be equipment missing they will easily be able to trace it back to whomever used it. We will however check that the equipment inside is clean. You will not be allowed to take it home for this as this could affect another scout’s plans.

Dutchovens/Potjie Pots
These have been cleaned and correctly treated (with oil and paper towel). You may not leave the hall until these have been inspected by the scouter signing them in.

Patrol Tent
When checking out a patrol tent we will ensure that all poles, pegs, and guylines are returned with it. If any is missing then you will need to replace them at your own cost within a decided timeframe. If the tent is damp after you have used it then you will need to hang it up to dry and then arrange a time to pack it away properly in the store.

Gas Bottles
The gas bottles we have are numbered accordingly and you will need to ensure that they are weighed before and after use so that we can determine how much is left in them. This will allow us to better understand how much gas is left so that we do not have bottles running empty on camps or competitions.

These need to be hanked and handed back to the QM. Should any of them be damp then you need to arrange for them to be hung up and dried. You will then need to arrange a time to come to the hall and properly store them.

If any of the staves break on camp please do advise the QM so that replacements can be sourced.

These need to be emptied, cleaned and stored with the lids off.