The Scout Programme consists of four levels of advancement. In chronological order they are:

– Traveller
– Discoverer
– First Class
– Springbok

As with the last programme there are tasks that you will need to sign off within each so as to advance to the next level. In order to move from one advancement to the next you need to complete six theme badges that you will earn along the way. Once you have achieved the six theme badges you will then be given the advancement badge and can progress further. The theme badges are shown below.

Safety Awareness

Living Outdoors




Personal Development

The advancement badges themselves will still go in the traditional spot on the sleeve of the scouts uniform. The theme badges will then be placed underneath them in two rows of three. There are of course separate colours (see top of page) per advancement badge, and the theme badges reflect that, ie: Traveller is yellow, as such Traveller Theme Badges will have a yellow tinge.


How This Works

As per the last advancement system you will go from Traveller to Springbok completing the tasks within the various theme badges as you go. Once you have all the theme badges for that advancement level you then get the badge.

As an added benefit you are allowed to work on theme badges one level up from the advancement that you are currently working on. So, in the event that you earn the the Safety Awareness Theme Badge for the Traveller Level, you can then jump ahead and work on the Safety Awareness Theme Badge for the Discoverer Level. Please do be advised that you can only work one level up. For a full explanation of the programme and what each section entails please use the resources below.

Scout Programme Introduction

Scout Trail