Rayner Trophy [Nights 1]
This is an overnight hiking competition for senior scouts and is held somewhere in the greater Cape Town area (usually within 2 hours drive). The location is kept secret until the final days before the competition so scouts will not have any idea where they will be going. Along the hike they will do bases and other tests that test their scouting skills and stamina. It is an incredibly rewarding competition and definitely one that we encourage.

Upton Shield [Day]
This is a day competition for junior scouts held within the greater Cape Town area. Scouts will operate in their patrols and hike along a predetermined route taking part in activities and tests at bases along the way.

Beaver Rose [Nights 1]
This is a district competition held at Glencairn once a year. It is a camping competition where standing patrols enter and compete. It is for all ages as the scouts will have to do Advancement based tests throughout the two days and one night. It is a highlight of the calendar and incredibly enjoyable.

Gordon’s Shield [Nights 1]
This is a senior scout version of Beaver Rose. The troops usually send one or two patrols made up of senior scouts to compete against the other troops in the province. It is held out at Hawequas each year and is one of the prestigious competitions. It is a camping based competition where the patrols will need to construct a full campsite complete with gadgets and tent etc. They will have to cook their own meals and undergo regular inspections.

Orienteering [Day]
Mapping based competition where scouts of all ages will be given a map of the local area and will then need to operate as a patrol to get to each point and collect the clue/stamp at the point. It is a speed based competition in that whichever team finishes first wins.

Quinn Trophy [Day]
This is a competition for scouts of all ages and can be held at any one of a number of locations each year. It is a competition where both scouts and scouters within a troop compete together against the scouts and scouters of other teams. It is a great competition to take part in and is lots of fun. We have entered this competition for the last couple of years and have yet to be disappointed.

Regattas [Day]
There are four regattas a year, one for each term. Three are held at the Sea Scout Base and one is MAC24 (See below). The Sea Scout Base regattas are held at the base on a weekend and are incredibly well attended. We have recently been doing rather well in the regattas and our attendance is promising. It is a great opportunity to practice your sailing skills before heading off to do the badge courses.

Mac24 [Nights 1]
This is a sailing regatta that is held at Milnerton Aquatics Club out in the northern suburbs. It is a 24 hour regatta where teams do shifts while sailing as many laps as possible around the vlei. This competition is great fun competition and scouts of all ages are allowed to join.

Kontiki [Nights 2]
Definitely one of the highlights of the scout calendar. This is a competition held every year at the SSB where troops compete in a raft building contest. Competition is fierce and much fun is had by all. It is suitable for scouts of all ages and even parents are welcome to come down and join in.

Seamanship [Nights 2]
Traditionally held at the Navy Base in Simonstown this is an incredibly exciting competition that offers a whole new set of experiences. Aside from an amazing set of land activities, you will also have the opportunity to both pull and sail on the open ocean in the Simonstown Bay. This is something that not many scouts get the opportunity to do, so I strongly suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity and get out there! As shown above it runs the full weekend from the Friday afternoon to the Sunday afternoon. Accommodation is provided by the Navy Sailing School and there is plenty of space. While on the competition you will be cooking, making STAs, pulling, and sailing to name but a few. It is definitely one of the highlights of the year so I encourage you not to miss out.

Cederberg Senior Scout Adventure [+ – 10 Days]
While technically not a competition the CSSA is the highlight of the scout calendar if I do say so myself. It is held every two years in December up in the Cederberg Mountains and is open to scouts aged 15 and up. Scouts from all over the world are invited to attend (In the past there have been Irish, French, and even Saudi Arabian Scouts). The adventure normally has around 600 participants. Scouts hike through the mountains from base to base taking part in activities such as paintballing, parasailing, shooting, 4X4 excursions, and so much more. For a complete breakdown of the adventure please visit the main website.