Using the Boats

In order to book one of the 2nd Bergvliet boats you will need to download the Boatswain Form and follow the steps below. To download the form you can click the button below.

Signing Out

Step 1: Check the 2nd Bergvliet Calendar to ensure that the boats are available to use on your desired date

Step 2: Download the form and complete in full

Step 3: Send completed form to the Group Boatswian at:

Step 4: Communicate with Group Boatswain for a time to meet and sign out the equipment

Please do note that the sign out process does NOT replace the policy requirements of the facilities that the boats are to be used at.

Signing In

Step 1: Arrange a time with the Group Boatswain for the signing back in of the equipment.

Step 2: Show that all equipment used is accounted for an in the correct condition.

Step 3: Ensure that any and all breaks or damages are reported to the Boatswain and noted on the form.