Warrant Administration


In order to hold a role in Scouts South Africa you would need to hold a valid warrant. What follows below is just a quick explanation of what you will need to do in order to meet this requirement.

Apply for a Warrant

Whether you are applying for your first Limited Warrant or are changing roles within the movement you will apply for your warrants the same way. You will need to download and complete the Warrant Application Form. The warrant length and title may change but the form remains the same. You will need to submit the completed form to your SGL/DC/RC for it to then be submitted to national for processing.

Limited Versus Full Warrant

Once you have completed Stage 1 Training you will apply for a Limited Warrant that lasts for 18 months. Within that time you will need to then complete your Stage 2 Training. Upon your successful completion you will then be able to apply for a full warrant which lasts for 5 years.

Warrants and Scouts.Digital

Once your warrant application has been processed it will be given to your immediate superior (SGL/DC/RC) who will then sign it with you and then upload it to your Scouts.Digital profile. Only they can add such information so you will need ensure that they do. Else your profile will not reflect your correct details. You can upload your warrant in the form of a scan/pdf/jpeg etc to your profile but only your superior can add the Warrant details to your profile.