Watercharge Protocols

Should you be planning an event that involves water such as swimming or sailing there are a number of rules that you need to follow in order to proceed with your activity.

For sailing and rowing activities you will need to have a Watercharge Holder present during the times that you will be taking part in the activities.

Please do ensure that you arrange with the Watercharge Holder in advance as they cannot be expected to change their plans on short notice and if they are not present then your activity cannot proceed.

Current Group Watercharge Holders:
– James Stewart
– Gunther Henshilwood
– Deon van Lierop
– Brian Goemans

It is also ideal to plan your events around courses as there will already be a Watercharge Holder at the base during those times. Providing that you do not interfere with the courses you will be more than welcome to have your activity there. To check on course dates etc you can go to the Western Cape Calendar.