Youth Member

2nd Bergvliet is very lucky in that we have two cub packs and a scout troop.

Cub Pack [Lukannon]
Ages: 7 – 10
Day: Thursday
Times: 17:30 – 19:00

Cub Pack [Toomai]
Ages: 7 – 10
Day: Friday
Times: 17:30 – 19:00

Scout Troop
Ages: 11 – 18
Day: Friday
Times: 19:30 – 21:45

Joining Process
Contact the relevant person in the Group Information section above to enquire about details and whether there is space. If space is available, your child may attend the first few meetings, which will allow you and your child time to decide if you would like to join the Scouts movement. At this stage, you would not need to pay any joining fees or buy any uniform items. Please do ensure that you have checked if there is space before attending else you may well be disappointed.

Please ensure that you bring the following for your first few meetings:
– Warm top
– Wear clothes that can get dirty
– Shoes that you can run in
– Torch (Optional)

Once your child has decided to join the Scouts movement, we will plan and decide on a date for their investiture. It is at this point that you would fill out the application form and purchase the uniform. The Youth Application Form can be downloaded via the Scouts South Africa website. It must be completed in full. Missing information will lead to the form/application being rejected.

When it comes to purchasing the uniform you will need to go to the Scout Shop which can be found at the Scouts South Africa Western Cape Headquarters.

Internal Investiture Fee – Cub Pack
Group Scarf
Cub Bag
Membership Badges

Total Cost: R250.00

Internal Investiture Fee – Scout Troop
Group Scarf
Membership Badges

Total Cost: R260.00

For further details on the above items please see the information pages on Cub Uniform and Scout Uniform.

Annual Fees
– Annual Fees are payable, in full, during Quarter 1.
– If you join after Quarter 1, then pro-rata fees are due and calculated according to the financial quarter in which you join.
– If more than 1 child joins, a reduced fee for the sibling is paid.
– Invoices are emailed annually.
– For payment arrangements, contact the Treasurer (Neil Shelly) on
– The fee changes are discussed at the Group AGM. As such it is very important for you to attend this meeting.

Your joining fee (outside of the investiture fee) will be calculated based on the quarter that you join.